The Red Isiphandla


Wood faced time pieces with leather or cotton hand stitched straps. Water resistant with a 2 year guarantee.

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In traditional South African culture a goat skin wristband called Isiphandla is worn after an event such as an engagement ceremony, wedding, a birth of a child, a funeral or ceremony thanking the ancestors for good fortune. The wristband is seen as connecting the wearer with their ancestors, their family and customs. In addition the wristband was experienced as a source of hope, security, respect and pride.

Isiphandla is worn mainly for imbheleko, umthombhiso, umemulo, umshado, ukuthwasa and any specific reason such as thanking the ancestors for something good that happened in your life. iFreecan has taken the traditional Isiphandla and re-interpreted it for the modern day and now it can be worn for any reason you choose but mainly to celebrate your African style. You don’t need to wait for a major family event or to slaughter a goat and make your own, they’ve done it for you and their isiphandla even tells the time. This one comes in a funky fiery red colour.



Ifreecan specialises in quality, crafted timepieces inspired by the unspoilt African nature. Not only do they put their heart and soul into every watch they make, but their brand is rooted in an aspirational brand that sees Africa reaching greater heights with every second. iFreecan was born from a conversation with the founders’ grandmother, whose hobby of watch restoration was combined with the family’s tradition of leather handling. The iFreecan iconic handcrafted hand-stitching method is a family heirloom that has been passed down four generations. While bamboo heads are imported, assembly and quality assurance takes place in Africa. All watches are waterproof and offer options for internal and external engravings. This personalisation is extended onto their wide, almost unlimited selection of handcrafted hand-stitched leather belt design options.