Olatunji Sanusi – Every Story Has Sides II


Mixed Medium Collage 121 x 143 cm

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The work is self explanatory in that there is always more than one side of any story. How you see something depends on your perspective. The colours I used compliment each other on the colour wheel, I played with paint and paper collage techniques  to show the same picture from different perspectives.

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Dimensions 121 × 143 cm


Olatunji Sanusi

Meet Olatunji Sanusi, a featured artist on AmAfrikan. His art has been widely exhibited and he has developed an innovative collage method to paint, using thin pieces of paper to mimic brush strokes and create his masterful artworks. Olatunji studied fine art at the Yaba College of Technology in Nigeria and immigrated to South Africa in 2009, setting up his own studio in Johannesburg.