Motswana Maiden Phone Cover


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Tswana culture is often distinguished for its complex legal system, involving a hierarchy of courts and mediators, and harsh punishments for those found guilty of crimes. Tswana groups are noted for their capacity to absorb foreign peoples, to turn strangers into ‘their’ people, and to do so without compromising the integrity of their own institutions. Song (pina) and dance (pino) are highly developed forms of artistic expression in Tswana culture. Choirs perform and compete with each other on official and ritual occasions. They compose lyrics that offer narratives and critiques of the past and present. The highest number of Southern African wedding songs are composed by the Tswana people.


Fly Like a Girl

Fly Like A Girl is an innovative South African brand that develops empowerment driven products with the best quality. The brand is designed and conceived by young female entrepreneur and airline pilot, Amanda Kandawire. Mainly it provides extremely well illustrated images on high quality mobile phone covers. And it’s absolutely on trend. Never before has self expression and a tool like the mobile phone gone so — ahem – hand-in-hand. The cellphone cover provided by Fly Like a Girl not only is beautiful, it acts as an extension of of your personality, showing others that you take pride in Africa.

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