Lebohang Motaung – Botle Ba Ngwanyana Bo Hlohong

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Hair and acrylic paint on Canvas  60 x 150 cm

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A South Sotho phrase that loosely translated means a young lady’s beauty is on her head. Growing up getting my hair plaited would always be painful and time consuming and my mother would console me by repeatedly telling me that beauty takes time and hurts. I guess anything worth having in life has to be hard won.

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Dimensions 60 × 50 cm


Lebohang Motaung

Meet Lebohang Motaung. Hair has always played a big role in her life and has become the centre of her artistic expression. This phenomenal talent grew up using her grandmother's hair to practice her braiding skills and even as a means to paint. Her fascination with patterns, colour and textures of hair is evident in her artwork, which she uses to express deeper meaning and lasting memories. Find Lebohang on today.