Dikosha I


Acrylic on canvas

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The way our ancestors observed the world has shaped our current lives and values in a wide variety of ways including medicine, philosophy, art, trade, politics and material culture.


Nico Phooko

Spiritual art is what Nico Phooko calls his work. It is at times spontaneous in its expression and is often inspired by cues from the ancestors. In bright and dark hues, his art represents the evolution of culture, the intersection of old and new and the encapsulation of sounds and rhythms in vivid and abstract imagery. Born in Kwa Thema in 1970, Phooko is a musician and artist of the same calibre of the legends he’s worked with such as Ray Phiri and Joe Nina. He is known to paint live on stage at music and cultural events, spontaneously capturing moments as they happen. His work has been exhibited in New York, Germany and Amsterdam.

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