Bianca Nguema – Mina


Pencil on paper, 36.8” x 40”   92cm x 70cm

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A esta pieza le tengo un cariño especial. Es uno de los bocetos que hice para preparar mi primer mural. Se trata de un mural de 400 cm x 375cm que hice en mi pueblo: Tiana, a 10min de Barcelona.. El proyecto se hizo en una zona que la gente usa para pasear. Mi idea fue plantar a este grupo de mujeres gigantes andando también y que se pudieran mirar a los ojos, unos y otros. Es un pueblo de gente blanca así que planté el africanwomenpower a la vista!!

I have a special affection for this piece. It’s one of the sketches I did to prepare for my first mural. It’s a mural that’s 400 cm x 375 cm that I made in my town: Tiana, 10 minutes from Barcelona. The project was done in an area that people use to walk. My idea was to plant this group of giant women walking also in the frame and they could look each other in the eyes. It is a town of white people so I planted the African women power in plain sight !!


Bianca Nguema

“I am a painter and despite being born in Barcelona, I consider myself African. My mother was Fang and came from Equatorial Guinea. I arrived in Barcelona aged 12 and was one of the first Black women who stayed to live in the city centre. Through portraits I look for a recognition of the power and strength that emerges from the character in each one of them using colour and brushstrokes in an energetic and visceral way, exploring and drinking their own and shared experiences. I attempt through my work to give a little more dynamism and visibility to this large group which in my country has a clear upward projection but it sadly is still quite silenced. For this, I use pencils, watercolours, acrylics and oil paints, and I love working in large formats."

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