EthnoArt Designs was founded in 2018 by an avid collector and creator of things! She collects anything you can think of, including pens, beautiful fabric and paper. A lot has been created with this sizeable collection.

After studying journalism, media studies, project management and psychology with no real sense of satisfaction, a light-bulb moment finally shook this ‘artist’ into action. This creator wanted to create and EthnoArt Designs was born with the sole intention of bringing African flair and flavour into homes.  Amid a lot of soul-searching, desktop and field research, it became evident that South African homes were not dressed in South African apparel but were rather draped in Western styles from around the world.

EthnoArt Designs started experimenting with different South African fabrics such as seshweshwe and the multi-coloured striped Venda cloth called Ngwenda. These designs were used as inspiration to create luxurious, soft and aesthetically-pleasing scatter cushion covers that any African would proudly display and enjoy in their bedrooms, lounges and offices for a beautifully Afrocentric ambience.

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